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-Do you or your congregation want to adopt a radio project in Africa?

Reformed Faith and Life  is trying to extend the field of its broadcasts by identifying local FM stations likely to air our programs. We need your help to cover French speaking Africa better.

-In most cases, a contract must be established between RFL and the local station, stipulating the terms of the broadcasting agreement, and the costs attached to it.  Costs vary from station to station, depending on the power of the local transmitter and the frequency of the broadcasts (it may go between US$250 and US$1500 per year. The fixed amount is determined in the local currency, a transfer in US $ must take into consideration the exchange rate at a given time). 

-If you are interested in taking responsibility for a series of broadcasts on a given radio station, write to us (  and we will provide you with all the necessary information’s (in some cases it may take time, due to the nature of communications in

Africa). RFL will have the contract established, address you a copy of it and provide you with the banking details of the station in question (Western Union is the most likely agency to be used for such a transaction).  It will be your responsibility to effect the payment every year at the due date, for the duration of the contractual agreement.

-It is vital to understand that a commitment to broadcasting RFL  implies a contractual agreement of at least 5 years with a given station for the sake of effectiveness (provided that the terms of the agreement are respected and the station keeps airing the programs;  local collaborators can monitor this and report to us if the station is found in default in terms of its contractual obligations).

-At the moment, the following projects can be adopted:

  • Radio Bonne Nouvelle (Yaoundé,

    Cameroun): one weekly broadcast, very good coverage of the capital of

    Cameroon and the surroundings. Costs: +/- US$1100 per year.


  • Radio Tahanint 101.40 MHz (Timbuktu, Mali): This Christian station broadcasts programs in a zone populated by Touaregs and Tsonghai people. Political instability currently reigns in this area, as Al-Qaeda’s branch in Maghreb is currently quite active. To keep this station alive, and to insure the continued broadcasting of the Gospel via RFL requires support in terms of equipment and logistics: +/- US$1000 per year will make a difference.



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